Eclipse Hysteria and Delusional Thinking

Some counties in Texas have issued a disaster declaration ahead of the total eclipse that will occur on April 8 Background and Context Next month, on April 8, a total solar eclipse will grace the North American Continent. Starting in the Pacific Ocean off the southwest coast of Mexico, the 198 km-wide path (Nazas, Durango,[…]

Late August Sky, 2023 With Saturn and A Full Blue Supermoon

A view towards the SSE at astronomical twilight (8:15 PM EDT), Sunday, August 27. The waxing gibbous moon is low above the southern horizon and Saturn is rising further to the east. The ecliptic is presented in this view to illustrate where the plane of the solar system is. Note that all solar system objects[…]

Some memories from meeting Einstein in 1951 – 1952

Yvonne Choquet-Bruhat is a French mathematician and physicist, renowned for her pioneering work on the initial value problem of General Relativity. Her work was one of the “Milestones of General Relativity” featured in a recent CQG focus issue. She has been on the faculty of the University of Marseille, the University of Reims and the[…]

Some Thoughts About Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

When I was a young child, long before I received my first telescope as a Christmas gift from my parents, I often looked up at the moon and thought to myself, this is what the moon will look like in a hundred years from now, a thousand years from now, long after I’m gone. While[…]

A Scientific Tribute to Larry King (video)

Link to video below As we all mourn the passing of Larry King, an icon, a professional with an uncommon sense of honesty, integrity and decency, a giant among journalists and communicators, let us remember him as a science communicator as well, the “middle-man” as such, between the science professional and the common man. Link[…]

Kilauea Eruptions Increase!

Dr Jim Daly of Astronomy For Change chronicles the latest dramatic increases in eruptions at Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano. YouTube video link below. Video specific content links: US Geologic Survey: USGS Kilauea Eruption: USGS Webcams at Kilauea: NASA: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center: Google Earth Links (includes all sources)[…]

The #FlatEarth Phenomenon DeBunked, Part I (video)

Related articles linked at the foot of this page In this first of a series video, Dr. Jim Daly of Astronomy For Change discusses (and debunks) the growing Flat Earth Phenomenon. Related articles The #FlatEarth Phenomenon DeBunked, Part I (video) Update: Real #Science Answers to #FlatEarth Claims Real #Science Answers to #FlatEarth Claims The #EarthIsFlat[…]

Climate Change is an Existential Threat to All Life on Earth, A Solution

Climate Change is an Existential Threat to All Life on the Planet and to the Continuance of the Human Species as the dominant life form on the planet. By James Daly, Ph.D That’s a pretty bleak outlook and as stark as it gets but, sadly, it’s the truth regardless of how many politicians choose to[…]

The Earth Is Flat (and other nonsense)

Related articles linked at the foot of this page By James Daly, Ph.D I wouldn’t normally write about such things as this as there is so much to be concerned of as of late that this topic might seem trivial by comparison. Trivial on its face, yes but it bespeaks a deeper problem with grave[…]

Starlink Poses an Existential Threat to Ground-Based Astronomy

Opinion by James Daly, Ph.D, Astronomer, Curator and Author We’ve written extensively on this subject as it is impossible to overstate the threat to ground-based Astronomy this project poses and have chronicled the various professional facilities and how they will be effected: #SpaceX #Starlink Project Tops Shortlist Of Really Bad Ideas #Starlink (#SpaceX) Update and[…]

Some Common Questions in Astronomy (Part I)

Here at Astronomy for Change we often get questions, good questions, about various topics in astronomy. Here’s a sampling of some of the more common questions received as of late: Which planets we can see from earth What star did sailors use to navigate? Why is Sirius so easy to find in the night sky?[…]

Invitation To Observe (Radio #Astronomy) #RadioAstronomy

One of our sponsors, Radio Astronomy Supplies, has posted an “Invitation to Observe“, for astronomers (Amateur or Professional) to participate in exploratory radio observations of the rich galaxy cluster in the constellation Coma Berencies. The details follow: Imagination is more important than knowledge An index of all articles can be found here. If you enjoyed[…]

Distant #Fireworks Just in Time for #July4th (First Time Visible Light Observation of #BlackHole Merger)

Here at Astronomy For Change, we’ve discussed at length, the recent discoveries, observations and scientific breakthroughs regarding these enigmatic objects whose light was emitted billions of years before the sun burned bright in space: A Discovery that Shook the World! In a galaxy far, far away, KiloNova Explosion From Neutron Star Merger Observed – Gravity[…]

#AutumnSky, #October #NewMoon, #Mars at #Sunrise, #Venus at #Sunset (un narrated Video)

In this un-narrated video, Dr. Jim Daly of Astronomy For Change takes us on a quick tour of the sky tonight starting at sunset, taking a look at the New Moon with Venus and Mercury at sunset, then jumping to Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus (yes, Uranus). Following all that, we keep moving east to the[…]

#AutumnalEquinox 2019, Early Fall Sky, Major Planets (video)

Dr. Daly presents the science and, specifically, the Astronomy behind the event, the seasons and how they change. It should be pointed out that on this date and the Vernal Equinox (the beginning of Spring) the sun rises due East and sets due West. Dr. Daly presents the science and, specifically, the Astronomy behind the[…]

Einstein’s Triumph (video)

In this video, Dr. James Daly celebrates and discusses the Centenary of the first of many confirmations of Einstein’s Theory of Gravity, his General Theory of Relativity. On 29 May, 1919, observations were made of stars in the vicinity of the totally-eclipsed sun, a rare event that provided the conditions necessary for such an experiment[…]

Beautiful #LaborDay Sky w Waxing Crescent #Moon, #Venus (no narration)

Without narration and with select ambient music, we explore the Labor Day weekend sky beginning tonight, August 31 through September 2nd, 2019. The holiday weekend sky features a waxing crescent moon with Venus setting 15 minutes after the sun on Labor Day with Jupiter and Saturn still well placed to the south in Scorpio and[…]

The #Sun and other #Stars, How They Shine and #Evolve – Part I (#Video)

How does the sun and other stars shine? In this, the first of a multi-part series, Dr. James Daly of Astronomy For Change ( teaches us and illustrates how stars, incredibly dynamic and self-regulating, shine and evolve. With this video, we start with the sun as a model and an up-close and personal laboratory to[…]

The #Amazon #Rainforest is on #Fire #AmazonOnFIre (Video)

In this video, Dr. James Daly of Astronomy for Change discusses the science behind the deadly wildfires sweeping much of Brazil, Bolivia and other countries in Latin America and how important it is for us to quickly extinguish those fires and prevent them in the future. Dr. Daly also discusses sensible, sustainable energy solutions and,[…]

#Einstein Was Correct – And so was #Newton (Video)

Dr. James Daly discusses Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity and Newton’s Laws within the context of a recent study published by UCLA’s Dr. Andrea Ghez of the Supermassive Black Hole at the center of our galaxy, the Milky Way. The study can be found here: Please like, share and subscribe. This subscription is[…]

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