New Eyes and Ears for #Perseverance – New DSN Antenna Enhances Send and Receive Capability (video)

Link to video below The Deep Space Network (DSN) provides continuous send and receive service for all planetary and deep-space missions throughout one solar day or 24 hours. Stationed in three separate regions of the planet, a seamless hand off transitions service from one network complex to another as the earth rotates providing worldwide coverage[…]

#SKAO Officially Launches! The Square Kilometer Array Observatory Officially Opens!

Rather than rewrite the story, we’ll reproduce today’s news release here in its entirety: The Square Kilometre Array Public Website Square Kilometre Array Exploring the Universe with the world’s largest radio telescope SKAO is born – Launch of international Observatory signals new era for radio astronomy Nighttime composite image of the SKA combining all elements[…]

Iconic #Arecibo Radio Telescope Collapses!

This is a follow-up story to recent developments at Puerto Rico’s Arecibo Radio Observatory. At 7:53:50 AM EST, December 1st, the observatory’s radio transceiver superstructure, suspended above the 305-meter spherical radio dish, collapsed and fell to the dish below (watch video at the foot of this article). The NSF news release reporting the event follows:[…]

The SETI Project is looking for Observatories

Update: watch our interview with Alberto Caballero, the project leader: The #SETI Project with Alberto Caballero (Interview) Part of our mission is to engage society, to inspire and empower current and future generations and thus affect positive change through astronomy and science education. Astronomy For Change is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to affect[…]

#Arecibo Radio Telescope to be Decommissioned

Update: Emergency Action Petition to the WhiteHouse to evaluate and stabilize the Arecibo radio telescope In an unexpected blow to the worldwide Astronomical community, the National Science Foundation announced on Thursday (11/19) that they would soon begin decommissioning the iconic radio telescope, the heart of the Arecibo Radio Observatory. The telescope was made famous in[…]

Invitation To Observe (Radio #Astronomy) #RadioAstronomy

One of our sponsors, Radio Astronomy Supplies, has posted an “Invitation to Observe“, for astronomers (Amateur or Professional) to participate in exploratory radio observations of the rich galaxy cluster in the constellation Coma Berencies. The details follow: Imagination is more important than knowledge An index of all articles can be found here. If you enjoyed[…]

#Starlink (#SpaceX) Update and It’s Not Good News for #Astronomers

In June of last year, we published a story on the launch of a brand-new SpaceX mission, Starlink, an ostensible name really that has nothing to do with linking to the stars (whatever that means) rather, it would be more like eclipsing them. This is an update to that story and the news isn’t good[…]

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