UAP Testimony, Fact or Fiction?

Regarding the existence of “UAPs”, is recent congressional testimony by “credible witnesses” fact or fiction? Dr. James Daly of Astronomy for Change responds to YouTuber Kim Iversen’s recent video: Is The UAP “National Security Threat” A MIC Fabrication To Escalate War Into Space? Kim, your comment regarding the existence of life elsewhere in the universe[…]

17 Inspirational Quotes From Famous Scientists and Authors

Featured Image The rugged Andes mountains of Patagonia, Argentina appear in the foreground in the featured image above along with the great comet of 2007, the iconic Comet McNaught. This image was obtained during the Austral Summer (20070126) by Professor Miloslav Druckmueller of the Brno University of Technology, the Czech Republic. It was also featured[…]

A Powerful Solar Eruption!

A powerful M-class solar flare erupted on the sun at 5:48 AM, EDT (01:48 UTC), July 18 2023. In this video obtained from the Solar Dynamics Observatory, the powerful M-5.7 solar flare is clearly visible at the 4:00 position. The video is a composite produced from 3 discrete wavebands in the extreme ultraviolet region of[…]

Stunning New image of Saturn from JWST

The James Webb Space Telescope has trained its sharp, infrared eyes on the ringed planet and produced this stunning, new image. An excerpt from the Webb blog published by NASA follows: This image was taken as part of Webb Guaranteed Time Observation program 1247. The program included several very deep exposures of Saturn, which were designed[…]

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