The Ten Brightest Stars (and where they are, with video) – 5. Betelgeuse

This is the fifth installment of our ten-part series on the brightest stars and, with it, we’re pleased to present the red supergiant star, Betelgeuse, the right shoulder of Orion, the hunter. Even though we’re still in August and Orion is a winter constellation, its prominence as a near-term supernova candidate makes it especially interesting.[…]

Late August Sky, 2023 With Saturn and A Full Blue Supermoon

A view towards the SSE at astronomical twilight (8:15 PM EDT), Sunday, August 27. The waxing gibbous moon is low above the southern horizon and Saturn is rising further to the east. The ecliptic is presented in this view to illustrate where the plane of the solar system is. Note that all solar system objects[…]

Super Blue Moon Coming, Biggest and Brightest of 2023

The Full Moon in August is named after North America’s largest fish, the lake sturgeon. Other names for this Full Moon include Grain Moon, Green Corn Moon, Fruit Moon, and Barley Moon. Blue Moon The “first” full moon for this month occurred on Tuesday, August 1st. The August 30 (Wednesday) full moon will be the second, hence,[…]

End of Summer, 2023 Appeal

Since 2016, Astronomy for Change has provided expert, world-class content from dedicated professionals, Astronomers, Physicists, Scientists and Information Technology Specialists. We’ve provided that content on our main web portal in the form of articles, interactive sky charts, a rich, searchable library as well as high-value, educational videos on our YouTube Channel. As of today’s date,[…]

The Universe is Still 13.8 Billion Years Old

Using data and imagery obtained with the JWST, a recent study claims the universe is now 26.7 billion years old. We will unequivocally show that the age of the universe is still 13.77 Gyr. One of the principal reasons the JWST mission was conceived in the first place was to test existing theories and current[…]

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