Using Basic Physics to Prove we Went to the Moon

Entire books, many videos, and thousands of hours of time have been wasted building this ‘conspiracy theory’, devoted to “debunking” the Apollo moon missions as some grand government conspiracy. We have spent much digital ink debunking the claims of Flat Earthers (simply enter “Flat Earth” in the search tool at the top of this page[…]

Another Failure in the Age of Mediocrity

The recent “flop” by the Odysseus lunar lander in the lunar south polar region is being celebrated as a brilliant success. It landed and literally fell over on its side – it flopped. Of course the celebration, since the Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris and the White House have characterized this failure[…]

UAP Testimony, Fact or Fiction?

Regarding the existence of “UAPs”, is recent congressional testimony by “credible witnesses” fact or fiction? Dr. James Daly of Astronomy for Change responds to YouTuber Kim Iversen’s recent video: Is The UAP “National Security Threat” A MIC Fabrication To Escalate War Into Space? Kim, your comment regarding the existence of life elsewhere in the universe[…]

Mars2020 Perseverance Video Series

We recently produced a multi-part series of videos showcasing the amazing physics and technology of the Mars2020 Rover Perseverance. This series specifically focused on the physics necessary to safely and successfully get the rover to the martian surface. Coming soon, we will continue our coverage of the mission, showcasing new discoveries and milestones such as[…]

The Amazing Physics of Perseverance EDL Part 2 (video)

This is the second part in the two part series showcasing and explaining the amazing physics and technology that made NASA’s latest mission to Mars such a resounding success. In the first video Dr. Daly explains the physics behind the launch and cruise phases of the mission, complete with explanations, diagrams, theory and calculations specific[…]

The Amazing Physics of Mars2020 Perseverance, Destination Mars! (video)

Link to video below With this video, Dr. Jim Daly of Astronomy For Change presents Part 1 of a multi-part series on the amazing physics and technology behind the brilliant journey and successful landing of the Mars2020 Perseverance Rover. In this first video, Dr. Daly will discuss and describe the basic physics behind the mission[…]

New Eyes and Ears for #Perseverance – New DSN Antenna Enhances Send and Receive Capability (video)

Link to video below The Deep Space Network (DSN) provides continuous send and receive service for all planetary and deep-space missions throughout one solar day or 24 hours. Stationed in three separate regions of the planet, a seamless hand off transitions service from one network complex to another as the earth rotates providing worldwide coverage[…]

How Successful will TESS be?

As pictured in this Astronomy Picture of the Day for April 21, in a brilliantly successful launch, the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) was launched atop a SpaceX Falcon 9 into a highly elliptical, High Earth Orbit. Contrary to many news reports, TESS is not a telescope, nor does it have any telescopes onboard. It[…]

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