The Amazing Physics of Perseverance EDL Part 2 (video)

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This is the second part in the two part series showcasing and explaining the amazing physics and technology that made NASA’s latest mission to Mars such a resounding success.

In the first video Dr. Daly explains the physics behind the launch and cruise phases of the mission, complete with explanations, diagrams, theory and calculations specific to interplanetary missions and orbits.

In this latest video, Dr. Daly explains the dazzling physics and outcomes of the Entry, Descent and Landing phase of the mission – so much happens, so quickly *before* the rover is safely on the surface and the mission hasn’t even started yet!

Climb aboard and join us on this real life, amazing journey to Jezero crater!

Just in case you missed it, Part 1:

Musical Score: Gustav Holst, Mars, The Bringer of War (Royalty Free)

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