Humanity Begins Journey Back to the Moon and on to Mars with the Launch of Artemis 1

By James Daly, Ph.D At 1:47 AM, EST on November 16, 2022, humanity took the first step on the long road back to the moon and on to Mars with the launch of Artemis 1. With that launch, the mighty SLS (Space Launch System) boosted the unmanned Orion spacecraft into earth orbit and on to[…]

Winter Solstice, 2021 And A Striking Planetary Alignment

This Year’s Winter Solstice Occurs on Tuesday, December 21, 2021 at 10:59 am EST The sun is at its lowest point on the sky at mid-day during the third week in December in the northern hemisphere and represents the ‘beginning of winter’. The two Equinoxes (Vernal or ‘Spring’, 3rd week in March and Autumnal, 3rd[…]

Mars2020 Perseverance Video Series

We recently produced a multi-part series of videos showcasing the amazing physics and technology of the Mars2020 Rover Perseverance. This series specifically focused on the physics necessary to safely and successfully get the rover to the martian surface. Coming soon, we will continue our coverage of the mission, showcasing new discoveries and milestones such as[…]

The Amazing Physics of Perseverance EDL Part 2 (video)

This is the second part in the two part series showcasing and explaining the amazing physics and technology that made NASA’s latest mission to Mars such a resounding success. In the first video Dr. Daly explains the physics behind the launch and cruise phases of the mission, complete with explanations, diagrams, theory and calculations specific[…]

#Perseverance Arrives at Mars Today! #CountdownToMars

Live stream the event here: or at Astronomy For Change: On Twitter: Patreon: Imagination is more important than knowledge An index of all articles can be found here. If you enjoyed this article, please consider supporting us with a modest donation or through a subscription on our Patreon Page Membership[…]

7 Minutes of Terror – #Perseverance Arrives at #Mars, 02/18/2021 (Video) #CountDownToMars

Link to video below In this video, Dr. Jim Daly of Astronomy For Change choreographs the arrival of Perseverance at Mars on Thursday, February 18th and reminds everyone to set their calendars as Astronomy For Change will be live-streaming the event beginning at 1:45 PM, EST. Nine years ago this August, Curiosity rover landed at[…]

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