Stunning JWST Image Suggests Rapidly Rotating Black Hole in Galaxy’s Core (with video)

On July 12th of this year, the world was gifted with 5 studies and a treasure trove of data and images, content released through NASA’s Early Release Observations (ERO) program for JWST (attribution at the foot of this page). The great thing about a public space agency: the fruits and products of the agency are[…]

Full Sturgeon SuperMoon Tonight!

The last supermoon for the year occurs tonight, Thursday, August 11th. Why is August’s full moon known as a “Sturgeon Moon”? The August 2022 Full Sturgeon Supermoon is still low in the southeast over two hours after its rising at 20:15 UTC (8:15 PM, EDT) on Thursday, August 11. Flanking the moon to the north[…]

Overview of JWST Deep Field Confirming Evolutionary Theories of Early Universe (video)

Note: this video is the companion to our article and a prelude to our full feature video A brief overview of our study, highlighting evidence in JWST NirSpec data that affirms the veracity of prevailing theories of the early universe’s composition and evolution. Some important discoveries and confirmations have been realized with the first public release of[…]

James Webb Space Telescope Deep Field Confirms Evolutionary Theories of The Early Universe (Video)

The tiny red dot at the center of this image is our galaxy of interest, z13.1,13.1 billion light years distant. Heavy Element Nucleosynthesis, the process by which heavy elements are synthesized in the cores of high-mass stars, was ongoing in this galaxy less than 700 million years after the big bang. Note: this video is[…]

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