Full Sturgeon SuperMoon Tonight!

The last supermoon for the year occurs tonight, Thursday, August 11th. Why is August’s full moon known as a “Sturgeon Moon”? The August 2022 Full Sturgeon Supermoon is still low in the southeast over two hours after its rising at 20:15 UTC (8:15 PM, EDT) on Thursday, August 11. Flanking the moon to the north[…]

Full Sturgeon Moon, Beautiful Star Clusters, Perseid Meteor Shower

Dr. James Daly of Astronomy for Change discusses the Full Moon for August, the Full Sturgeon Moon, Full Moon naming conventions, two beautiful new objects for binoculars or telescope (M-11, M-24), the Perseid Meteor Shower and the coming Autumnal Equinox. Please like, subscribe and share. Imagination is more important than knowledge An index of all[…]

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