James Webb Space Telescope Deep Field Confirms Evolutionary Theories of Early Universe

Note: This article is an addendum to James Webb Space Telescope Full Science Operations Begin As 5 ‘First Light’ Images Are Released (1 of 5). Some important discoveries and confirmations have been realized with the first public release of JWST data and imagery. We can unequivocally state that our evolutionary theories of the early universe[…]

James Webb Space Telescope’s Stunning Results for Transiting Exoplanet WASP-96b (2 of 5)

In our presentation of the NASA-hosted event opening the James Webb Space Telescope to the world’s astronomical community, we discussed one of the five commissioning targets presented to the public. That choice to open this 5-article series was SMACS 0723, a distant galaxy cluster receding at 29% the speed of light. In this article, we’ll[…]

James Webb Space Telescope Remains Optically Superior

OMG, the sky is falling! In what appears to be another visceral, emotionally charged characterization, a thinly-veiled attempt at clickbait, another article has now appeared, describing the JWST micrometeoroid event of May 24 as an ‘uncorrectable‘ tragedy, a show-stopper, the proverbial final nail-in-the-coffin. Nothing could be further from the truth! The actual report, a peer-reviewed,[…]

James Webb Space Telescope Full Science Operations Begin As 5 ‘First Light’ Images Are Released (1 of 5)

Full resolution image (2799×2856) of the SMACS 0723 cluster of galaxies, 4.6 billion light years distant in the southern constellation Volans. Known as Webb’s First Deep Field, this image of galaxy cluster is overflowing with detail and is described more fully below. Images and results from Webb’s observations are archived here with the first images[…]

July Full Moon Biggest and Brightest Supermoon of 2022

July 2022 Full Buck Supermoon low in the southeast following its rising at 21:00 UT (9:00 PM, EDT) on July 13. Note: the brilliant ruby Antares is near the meridian with the “Tea Pot” of Sagittarius to the east. Image via Stellarium. The full moon for this month occurs on Wednesday, July 13. According to[…]

Recent Solar Flares Herald Rise In Solar Activity

The sun as recorded in the extreme ultraviolet part of the spectrum by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) between July 6 and July 10. Pay particular attention to the bright orange-pink outburst that occurs on July 8 at the 10:00 position on the solar disk. This was a magnitude 2.6 M-Class flare, a classification one[…]

NASA/ESA/CSA James Webb Space Telescope to Begin Full Science Operations, Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Update: James Webb Space Telescope Full Science Operations Get Underway As 5 ‘First Light’ Images Are Released To kick off the beginning of full science operations for the James Webb Space Telescope, NASA will be hosting a full public event Tuesday, July 12th. During the event, a traunch of full-color images and data will be[…]

Update: Dark Matter – Chasing A Ghost That Doesn’t Exist

Hubble Space Telescope image of UGC 12158, a “Grand Design” barred spiral (Sb D) galaxy, 384 million light years distant in the constellation Pegasus. With a distinct bar in its nuclear region and 140,000 light years in diameter, it is believed to be similar in size and structure to our home galaxy, the Milky Way.[…]

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