Rare Triple Conjunction of Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn (video) for March, 2021

Join Dr. Jim Daly of Astronomy for Change as he showcases and describes a rare triple conjunction of Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn in the early morning hours before sunrise, a planetary alignment visible through Sunday, March 14. Those who are early risers will be witness to this rare planetary alignment. Especially rare and quite spectacular[…]

The Great #Conjunction of #Jupiter and #Saturn, 2020 (video)

In this video, Dr. Jim Daly presents and discusses this once-in-a-century event: the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, 2020, an event occurring on December 21st, the Winter Solstice, and an event that won’t be repeated again until the year 2080, 60 years hence. The University of Exeter (in the UK) will host a live-stream[…]

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