Rare Triple Conjunction of Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn (video) for March, 2021

Join Dr. Jim Daly of Astronomy for Change as he showcases and describes a rare triple conjunction of Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn in the early morning hours before sunrise, a planetary alignment visible through Sunday, March 14. Those who are early risers will be witness to this rare planetary alignment. Especially rare and quite spectacular[…]

The #Christmas Star and the Great #Conjunction 2020 (with Video)

Link to YouTube video at foot of the article The following quote from the gospel according to Matthew is often found on holiday greeting cards and is heard around the world during this season as a message of peace and hope; the year is over and it’s time to rest, to be with family, friends[…]

The Great #Conjunction 2020, LIVE Event, Dec 20, 2020

Update: The #Christmas Star and the Great #Conjunction 2020 (with Video) Live Stream of the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, 2020 from the University of Exeter, England. Unlike Saturday’s attempt, the weather cooperated and we witnessed the Conjunction, an event not to be repeated until 2080. Dr. Daly offers instruction and commentary where appropriate.[…]

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