Astronomy For Change is now on Rumble!

In addition to our YouTube channel, we have established ourselves on the video hosting platform Rumble. Over the coming days, we will be populating existing videos, already published on YouTube, as well as new content on Rumble. The videos published thus far on Rumble: Overview of James Webb Space Telescope Deep Field Confirming Evolutionary Theories[…]

An Astronomer’s New Year’s Message

On this cold, clear night when the stellar jewels are alight above, take the time, if just for a moment, to gaze upwards, to make that visceral connection with that from whence we all came. Regardless of your religious persuasion, if any, we are all connected at the deepest level to those stars; that grand[…]

#Jupiter, #Moon #NightSky #Spectacular With #Perseid #MeteorShower

In this video, Dr. Jim Daly of Astronomy For Change revisits the Perseid Meteor Shower and takes a look at the stunning view looking south for Friday, August 9, 2019. We present new objects to view with binoculars or an amateur telescope, discuss the phase of the moon for August 8 and 9 and take[…]

The Sounds of Saturn

Saturn is a source of intense radio emissions and, starting in 2002, scientists at NASA have been monitoring that emission using instrumentation onboard the Cassini spacecraft. As a result, NASA was able to convert and translate the radio signals into sound in an effort to better understand the underlying phenomenon. This discovery is just one[…]

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