New JWST Imagery and Data Suggest Neutron Star As Probable Supernova Remnant at Heart of SNR1987a

Supernova remnant SNR-1987a is one of the closest and most studied of any supernova or supernova remnant since Kepler’s supernova in 1604. It was one of the first objects observed with the newly deployed Hubble Space Telescope in 1991 and, thus, the first -and closest supernova- to be observed with a modern observing platform. Although[…]

Amateur Astronomer Records Stellar Beacon 80 Million Light Years Distant

On February 21st, in a heretofore unprecedented accomplishment, an amateur astronomer has recorded the “First Light” of a dying star over 80 million light years distant. As described in the Nature article, the first point of contact for the supernova’s photons after traveling 80 million years, a point in the distant past 15 million years[…]

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