The Sky Tonight For July 16 through July 21, 2019

The Sky Tonight for July 16 through July 21, 2019 presented by Dr. James Daly of Astronomy For Change. Topics include the continued discussion of the various constellations of the day and the season, the major planets visible, the ecliptic, the moon, Apollo 11 along with a brief discussion of stellar evolution. Ambient background music:[…]

Live Event: Great #LATAM #Eclipse of 2019 – #Eclipse2019

The cover image for the feature video (also above) was produced from Dr. Daly’s composite image of the totally eclipsed sun as observed during his eclipse expedition to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, 11 July 1991. We hosted a live event via YouTube today, 2 July, 2019 presenting the Great Latin American Eclipse of 2019. Decribing[…]

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