UAP Testimony, Fact or Fiction?

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Regarding the existence of “UAPs”, is recent congressional testimony by “credible witnesses” fact or fiction?

Dr. James Daly of Astronomy for Change responds to YouTuber Kim Iversen’s recent video:

Is The UAP “National Security Threat” A MIC Fabrication To Escalate War Into Space?

Kim, your comment regarding the existence of life elsewhere in the universe was spot on. Statistically, it is eminently logical to conclude this given the number of stars in our galaxy alone. Does that translate in to they (the “aliens”) are or have been here? No, absolutely not.

Why not? I’m not at all convinced or impressed by the testimony of any of these witnesses, regardless of their military credentials. Any alien civilization who overcame the extreme challenges to travel between the stars and arrive here would need nothing from us. It would be akin to us looking to the ants beneath our feet for help or to have a conversation. Just like the ants, we need nothing from them, so too, the aliens would need nothing from us.

Hostilities would only come from extraterrestrial visitors if they needed natural resources – and we would be powerless to stop them. You did correctly state the same, that we would be powerless [to stop them].

The video that was presented, purported to be a “UAP”, was a joke – there was no object in flight alongside or shadowing a fighter aircraft. It was an artifact of the video – it was not an actual object at all. In our estimation, that video was a reject from amateur hour. If that’s the best they have, they have nothing.

In our line of work, we look at the night sky (the stars) as a profession. There are those in our organization who have been observing the night sky for most of their adult life (50+ years for some), and none of these individuals claim to ever have observed something they couldn’t explain – period, full stop!

There are no aliens here now, not now, not ever. When or if they ever show up – everyone will know and the government will be powerless to hide their presence.

And then there is the matter of the Fermi Paradox. The famous Italian physicist Enrico Fermi mused out loud, given the statistical probability that there could be other civilizations scattered among the stars, where is the evidence that they exist or have been here? To date, there is no evidence and no answer to his question.

We may be confronted with the sobering reality that we are really alone in the universe, or civilizations like ours ultimately self-destruct. Just look at all the wars fought throughout our short history, fought with what amounts to sticks and stones. When we start launching nuclear weapons at each other, we will have committed suicide and Enrico Fermi’s paradox will have been answered. And the answer will be: no civilization matures to the point where they don’t self-destruct and become a star-faring civilization.

We do agree with you that this was a stunt by the government to garner support from the unwitting, ignorant masses who are fooled by their grand theater.

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