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Since 2016, Astronomy for Change has provided expert, world-class content from dedicated professionals, Astronomers, Physicists, Scientists and Information Technology Specialists. We’ve provided that content on our main web portal in the form of articles, interactive sky charts, a rich, searchable library as well as high-value, educational videos on our YouTube Channel.

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We have a unique and dedicated staff of Ph.D Astronomers, Physicists and Information Technology Specialists who freely give of their time and experience without any contractual compensation. For us to take the next step in our mission, to enhance the breadth and scope of that mission, we’re reaching out to those who follow us or those who are visiting us for the first time.

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Astronomy For Change is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to affect positive change through astronomy and science education by inspiring and empowering current and future generations to become engaged and interested in Astronomy and Science.

Community outreach, training and assistance for primary schools, highs schools and post-secondary institutions. We assist educators at every level in setting-up course curricula and content through the guidance of qualified Ph.D astronomers.

As part of our mission we constantly host public events, workshops and webinars to promote global awareness of how astronomy and science benefits society and humankind.

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Hubble and JWST Composite Image of Famous Grand-Design Spiral Galaxy, M-74

Beginning with the JWST infrared image, followed by the HST optical image, this animation illustrates the integration process that transforms the two images of Messier-74 into one composite image, an image that highlights the unique aspects of both. The high-redshift galaxies NE of the core (upper right quadrant) are clearly visible in this HST-JWST composite animation. The blue bar bisecting the image represents a discontinuity in the archival HST data. Image data: MAST, STSci, NASA/ESA/CSA. Image processing by James Daly, Ph.D.

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