Some Thoughts About Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

When I was a young child, long before I received my first telescope as a Christmas gift from my parents, I often looked up at the moon and thought to myself, this is what the moon will look like in a hundred years from now, a thousand years from now, long after I’m gone. While[…]

The #FlatEarth Phenomenon DeBunked, Part I (video)

Related articles linked at the foot of this page In this first of a series video, Dr. Jim Daly of Astronomy For Change discusses (and debunks) the growing Flat Earth Phenomenon. Related articles The #FlatEarth Phenomenon DeBunked, Part I (video) Update: Real #Science Answers to #FlatEarth Claims Real #Science Answers to #FlatEarth Claims The #EarthIsFlat[…]

Starlink Poses an Existential Threat to Ground-Based Astronomy

Opinion by James Daly, Ph.D, Astronomer, Curator and Author We’ve written extensively on this subject as it is impossible to overstate the threat to ground-based Astronomy this project poses and have chronicled the various professional facilities and how they will be effected: #SpaceX #Starlink Project Tops Shortlist Of Really Bad Ideas #Starlink (#SpaceX) Update and[…]

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