The #SETI Project with Alberto Caballero (Interview)

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Dr. Jim Daly of Astronomy For Change Interviews Alberto Caballero.

The Exoplanet Project’s home page:

Alberto holds a Master’s degree and is the host of the “Exoplanets” YouTube channel ( whose focus is habitable exoplanets, extraterrestrial intelligence and Interstellar Travel. He is also involved with the Habitable Exoplanet Hunting Project, an international consortium of more than 30 observatories looking for nearby potentially habitable exoplanets. The team recently reported GJ 3470 c, the first exoplanet candidate fully discovered by amateur astronomers.

Alberto is the author of 2 recent papers:
An approximation to determine the source of the WOW! Signal
Solar One: A Proposal for The First Crewed Interstellar Spacecraft

With contributions to a major article in Forbes Magazine:
Inside The 24/7 Search For Another Habitable Planet Within 100 Light Years Of Earth

To contact Alberto or the project, navigate to the project’s contact form:

Alberto’s papers:

The link to the Forbes article:

Imagination is more important than knowledge

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