Waxing Gibbous Moon and Antares, A Mid-June Southern Summer Spectacle

Tonight’s southern vista features the waxing gibbous moon 2 days before full, 4 degrees north of the heart of the Scorpion, the red supergiant star Antares. For complete ephemerides of the moon, including phase, please visit Time and Date. The current phase of the moon is always displayed on any of our articles or pages[…]

Ethereal Splendor of The Milky Way’s Galactic Center

Image credit: Adrien Mauduit of Night Lights Films In this June, 2019 view from Vicuña, south of the Atacama Desert Plateau, Chile, home to ESO’s Very Large Telescope Complex, we stand in awe of the Milky Way’s Galactic Center front and center. Brilliant Jupiter is ‘below’ (east) of red-orange Antares and the Rho Ophiuchi Cloud[…]

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