Amazing Science News! Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) Captures Spectacular Solar Eruption! (video)

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We were reminded of the enormous power of our home star on November 29 of last year (2020), when NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded a powerful Solar Flare, entitled the ‘Anemone’ Eruption’!In this video, Dr. James Daly presents and discusses our sun and the spectacular display witnessed on November 29, 2020.

Using data, video and images from the Solar Dynamics Observatory, Dr. Daly stitches together images and video from the latest solar eruption in this solar cycle.In a variety of composite videos obtained in the Ultraviolet part of the spectrum, we witness the sun’s awesome power in full view.

The eruption was nicknamed named ‘Anemone’ since the apparent shape and behavior of the super-heated gas jets and filaments are “shimmering” as were, like an ‘Anemone’.The Solar Dynamics Observatory is a space-born solar observatory that has been on orbit since February 11, 2010, continuously recording the sun in 10 different wavebands and was the first mission launched in the agency’s “Living With a Star (LWS) Program”, a program designed to understand the causes of solar variability and its impacts on Earth.

In addition to describing the flare, Dr. Daly discusses the internal dynamics of the sun and how the Solar Dynamics Observatory is a valuable asset in the ongoing study of our home star. He also goes on to describe some of the science history and how the sun has directly effected our life and society here on earth. Of particular interest here is the Carrington Event, the 1859 solar outburst and subsequent geomagnetic storm that caused widespread disruptions in the nascent power grid and was manifest in brilliant auroral displays.

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