Two Great Star Clusters of the Early Summer Sky

As we transition from late June to early July, the weather changes from the mild days of spring to decidedly warmer days and balmy nights. Summer has arrived. Having just past June’s Strawberry moon (named to mark the Strawberry harvest in many regions) and the almost coincidental occurrence of the Summer Solstice, the stars of[…]

Galactic Relic Globular Cluster Terzan5

The object discussed in this article, Terzan5, was featured as the Astronomy Picture of the Day, APOD for 21 September, 2016 Astronomy Picture of the Day In a few articles I’ve touched upon a poorly understood class of objects known as Globular Clusters. These objects and the stars in them are galactic relics, timeposts that[…]

Some Thoughts about Summer, Arcturus and the Future

Looking up at the shimmering sapphire set low in the western sky towards midnight, Arcturus, we are reminded that another summer is here, that spring is gone and that Father Time continues his cadence, marking the years; it is a reminder that everything is changing and growing; it is solace in an insane world and[…]

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