Northeast Astronomy Forum (NEAF) Trade show highlights

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NEAF is one of the  World’s largest Astronomy and Space Trades show in United States. Every year, the astronomical imaging conferences presents a two-day event hosting leaders and acknowledged experts in extra solar planets, variable star, minor planets, asteroids, comets, and supernova research with the intention of fostering pro-am collaborations.

With more than 200 attendees, the trades show displays technology and science booths, conferences and networking events that showcases how astronomy, technology and science is changing our society in a positive way. By learning from both amateur, semi-pro, and profesional astronomers, astronomers and geeks alike can really spend two days is Astronomy land at at the  Rockland Community College in Suffern in New York.


Each year NEAF prices young astronomer students in an effort to support STEM sciences around the world.


Some of this year’s winners of the League’s National Young Astronomer Awards:

  • Sierra Bradley received the Horkheimer Smith Youth Service Award for her outreach efforts at public observing sessions at schools, and at the Virginia Tech Science and Education Show.
  • Perri Zilberman, winner of the first place in the National Young Astronomer Award for his project on The Occurrence Rate of Hot Jupiter Host Stars with Warm Debris Disks.
  • Shanmurugan Selvamurugan, was the second-place winner for the NYAA, for his project on the Metallic Tendencies of Terrestrial Planet and Gas Giant Formation and Evolution.

Keynote Speakers

Todd May, from NASA-MSFC, provided poignant insights into the technical challenges involving in the development of theMars exploration program.

Likewise, Sara Seager— the Canadian-American astronomer– planetary scientist and professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), showed us her work and data on extrasolar planets and planets in the  habitable zone.

Special Guess: Michio Kaku (theoretical physicist) and Neil deGrasse Tyson

Equipment showcase of all the leading astro imaging manufacturers

Many astrophotographers were present at the both to check out the many camera manufacturers SBIG, Atik, Starlight Xpress, Finger Lakes Instrumentation, iNova Technologies, and QHY showing off the latest detectors, including a few wireless CCD cameras (one with a built-in CPU).

NEAF  is one of many programs aiming at promoting astronomy to students, amateurs and professional across the country. Many thanks to NEAF’s organizers and, for joining our global effort to cultivate and promote astronomy, technology and science around the globe.

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