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Image credit: Melissa Kendall, 2011

In what could only be described as a visual metaphor of a bright, hopeful, limitless future, this image, iconic as it is inspirational, epitomizes what is the best in us, the potential we have to soar to new heights, a young child chasing Juno along a Florida beach as the intrepid explorer slips the surly bonds of Earth into a brilliant blue, limitless sky!

As we contemplate the end of Summer and the beginning of Autumn in less than three short weeks, let us not forget some of the tragic events of this past summer.  With the arrival of Juno at Jupiter and the events in Dallas over the summer and elsewhere, it is clear that we are simultaneously capable of much good and much horror.

It’s important to remember that we are evolving on two parallel tracks and which one we choose will ultimately decide our legacy, who we are and where we will be. Let us chose the right path.

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