Himawari-8 Weather Satellite Provides High-Res Real Time View of Earth

Equatorial Pacific Region during the preceding 24 hours

The Himawari-8 weather satellite was launched on 7 October, 2014 and went into service on 7 July, 2015. It is in geostationary orbit 35,900 Km above the equator and centered on New Guinea. It images the earth in real time every 10 minutes.

http://himawari8.nict.go.jp is a comprehensive web application made possible by big-data technologies and developed by the NICT Science Cloud project in Japan. Development is in collaboration with JMA (Japan Meteorological Agency) and CEReS (Center of Environmental Remote Sensing, Chiba University).

The application is fully interactive with many overlays and filters available. A full tutorial is available at: http://himawari8.nict.go.jp/himawari8-help.htm.


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