The Christmas Story, 2023

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It’s been our annual tradition here at Astronomy for Change to publish a relevant, seasonally-themed article on Christmas day.

In memory of the 25,000 Palestinian civilians (men, women, and children) who have been massacred in Palestine, the birthplace of Christ, we will refrain from publishing anything today, Christmas, the holiest day in the Christian calendar.

When one considers that 75% of those murdered in Palestine are women and children, it would be grotesquely inappropriate and insensitive to publish such a story during the ongoing military siege of the region. My god, the images of the lifeless bodies of Palestinian children and babies that are being pulled from the rubble of what was once their homes are a stark reminder of just who that poor child in a Bethlehem manger actually was! These people are, quite literally, the descendants of Jesus!

(yes, the biblical town of Bethlehem is located in the occupied West Bank of Palestine)

Bethlehem cancelled Christmas and so did we out of respect for all the dead children, the descendants of Jesus Christ.

Full disclosure: Astronomy for Change is not taking a political or religious position. We just want the murder of the innocents to stop!

James Daly, Ph.D

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