November 30, 2017
Juno, The Essence of Celestial Harmonic Motion
In beautiful cadence, the progress of knowledge and understanding cascading across the millennia culminating now, with Juno’s successful arrival at Read more.
Juno Flies Into the Eye of the Monster!
As I write this post, NASA’s Juno spacecraft has commenced the Jupiter Orbital Insertion (JOI) burn, the most perilous phase Read more.
16 Inspirational Quotes From Famous Scientists and Authors
Scientists are an interesting breed of people, they are creative, adventurers, critical, and pragmatic. This may not be the initial Read more.
Solar Panels 100 Times Thinner Than a Human Hair
Solar panels so flexible and thin that they can be wrapped around the frame of a pair of glasses have Read more.
Juno To Arrive at Jupiter on July 4
NASA’s Juno spacecraft is going closer to the massive and mysterious planet Jupiter than any spacecraft has ever gone. The Read more.
Kepler K2 Mission Finds Nascent Exoplanet Around Young Star
In another first for extrasolar planetary astronomy, it was announced on 20 June that NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope, reconfigured and Read more.

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