November 30, 2017
Juno Completes First Orbit of Jupiter
Jupiter’s North Pole Unlike Anything Encountered in Solar System Having completed a brilliant orbital insertion on 4 July, Juno has Read more.
Going to the Stars, Riding on a Beam of Light Public Library Lecture
Monday, November 14th, 2016 Going to the Stars, Riding on a Beam of Light Nesconset, NY Branch of the Smithtown Read more.
Garvey Nights – open to the public
Garvey Nights The Garvey Ranch Observatory is open to the public every Wednesday evening from 7:30 PM to 10 PM. Read more.
New Horizons Closes Out August With Two Great Stories
The brilliantly successful New Horizons that flew by Pluto in a spectacular reconnaissance mission on 14 July last year closes Read more.
Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano Continues to Erupt!
As of 8:34 AM, Hawaiian Standard Time (HST), yesterday, August 29th, Hawaii’s Kīlauea volcano is actively erupting! More than 450 Read more.
Discovered! A Sister World, Earth-Like Planet Orbits Proxima Centauri – Closest Ever!
Its often been said that Three’s a Charm! That is to say, in this case, three stars in the same Read more.
Today is Golden Anniversary of First Image of Earth from the Moon
Fifty years ago today, NASA published the first-ever image of the Earth from the moon. Imaged by the intrepid Lunar Read more.
Going to the Stars, Riding on a Beam of Light!
During his years working in the Swiss Patent Office, Albert Einstein often imagined what it would be like to ride Read more.
Where are the five brightest stars in our sky?
Going out to look up at the stars on a clear, dark night can be daunting, if not for its Read more.
Science Gives Us Hope in a Turbulent World
World renowned physicist, and Advanced Fellow of particle physics in the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Read more.

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