November 30, 2017
What a Giant Solar Flare Means to Earth
Composite video of the sun as imaged by the Solar Dynamics Observatory in three false-color, high-energy wavebands between 5 September Read more.
In a galaxy far, far away, KiloNova Explosion From Neutron Star Merger Observed – Gravity Waves Produced
Update to European Southern Observatory To Announce “Unprecedented Astronomical Discovery” Monday, 16 October The European Southern Observatory (ESO) has announced Read more.
European Southern Observatory To Announce “Unprecedented Astronomical Discovery” Monday, 16 October
Update: Update to ESO Announcement – In a galaxy far, far away, the Optical Counterpart to Historic Gravity Wave Detection Read more.
Weighing the Milky Way Galaxy
Like early explorers mapping the continents of our globe, astronomers are busy charting the spiral structure of our galaxy, the Read more.
A Discovery that Shook the World!
2017 Nobel Prize in Physics Awarded for Gravity Wave Detection A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… Read more.
Autumnal Equinox, 2017
At 20:02 UTC (4:02 PM, EDT) today, the Autumnal Equinox occurs, the Astronomical beginning of Autumn. This is the second Read more.
The Cassini-Huygens Legacy of Science and Discovery at Saturn
September 7, 2017 After Cassini: Pondering the Saturn Mission’s Legacy Cassini’s discoveries are feeding forward into future exploration of the Read more.
World’s best ‘eclipse chaser’ explains why you may not want to photograph the eclipse
Reposted from The Class Dismissed Podcast, Inspiring Educators Through Story Original article Published by Ortego Communications Astronomer Glenn Schneider has been Read more.
Scientists Collect Eclipse Data from the Ground
Did you know that while you are watching the solar eclipse, scientists from NASA are recording data related to radiation Read more.
Nasa follows Eclipse’s Shadow
As an effort to promote astronomy and science around the world, we will be having a live stream for those interested Read more.

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