How Astronomy Benefits Human Kind


Anton is a stargazing photographer and drawing artist.


Throughout all our history people have been gazing at the night sky wondering what’s there, what secrets it hides. These thoughts have taken their imaginations and minds. Some have started to dream up a fairy tales, but some could look beyond and see regularities up there.

It took centuries for real knowledge to struggle through fantasies, but it was inevitable. At first there was astrology, where people were searching for answers, but then astronomy was born, when people start to ask the right questions.

And then a fog of ignorance began to lift. The Earth is not an entire universe anymore, it’s not even center of it, and neither is the! From the blurry lens of Hans Lippershey’s telescope to the first satellite in orbit, then to the first man in space then the first man on the Moon, space observatory and space station, our horizons have widened exponentially. We have found thousands of worlds in another systems, longing for new worlds in our own.

From astronomy branched many other disciplines such as astrophysics, astrobiology and cosmology. It’s just a start, a door opened that may bring us anywhere. It took fairy-tales from us, and gave uncountable number of real wonders, and much more are still awaiting us.

Astronomy is a basic knowledge of what stars and planets are, where and when they can be observed. But also it’s a door to more complex things like astrophysics and ultimately the connection to our human wonder.

Photo drawing by Anton Vankovich


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